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Judy McLean, PhD

Judy McLean is the Team Lead for the MNP projects and is a Senior Instructor with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. Her areas of interest include: global problems in food and nutrition and the political, social and cultural factors underlying malnutrition in different contexts; assessment of nutritional status, maternal infant and child feeding habits, nutrition knowledge, food intake and household food security as a basis for culturally appropriate nutrition intervention programs; and micronutrients and development issues. Of primary interest is the development, implementation and assessment of cost-effective, evidence based interventions aimed at reducing malnutrition among young children, adolescents and reproductive-age women, and improving pregnancy outcomes.

Tim Green, PhD

Tim Green is a Professor with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. He is a micronutrient expert, and the emphasis of his research is on iron, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D; nutritional assessment and human intervention studies; poverty reduction through improved nutritional status, and the Nutrition Transition.

Larry Lynd, PhD

Larry Lynd is a Professor with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC. He is also Associate Director of the Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE); an MSFHR Scholar; a CIHR New Investigator; and a Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies Early Career Scholar. His research interests include: pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, pharmaceutical outcomes research, risk-benefit analysis methods, asthma-related outcomes, population health and socioeconomic differences in prescribing and disease management, database analysis, and longitudinal analysis.

Aranka Anema, PhD

Aranka Anema is a Research Associate in the International Nutrition Group at University of British Columbia and Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School / Boston Children’s Hospital. She is an epidemiologist and CIHR Banting Scholar specialized in global food security and infectious disease surveillance. Dr. Anema has expertise in mixed methodology and evaluation of multilateral and bilateral aid investments; she advises multiple United Nation agencies on evidence-based health policies/programming. Dr. Anema leads monitoring and evaluation activities of the Micronutrient Project.

Lauren Smith, MFRE

Lauren Smith is a Technical Advisor for the Micronutrient Project. She has contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of Home Fortification programmes with MNP in Rwanda, Lao PDR, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. She is a master trainer on MNP, feeding practices and formative research techniques. Lauren has a Master’s degree in Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) from UBC, and Bachelors of Arts in International Economics and Finance from Ryerson University.

Fatoumata Diarrassouba, PhD

Fatoumata (Fatou) Diarrassouba is a senior research associate and provides technical support to the Micronutrient Project. She has worked with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on the On-Farm Food safety program. As a UNICEF nutrition consultant, she has worked on infant and young child feeding, micronutrients and home fortification. She co-founded the twining project ‘Teryia’ between a community of 27 villages in Mali (Sanakoro-Djitoumou) and two cities in British Columbia (Agassiz and Harisson Hot-Springs). Her areas of interest include implementation and assessment of community-based programs addressing malnutrition in young infants and women, education and empowering women and young girls, knowledge transfer, food safety, fish farming and crop growing.

Martina Northrup-Lyons, MPH

Martina Northrup-Lyons travelled to Zambia to conduct baseline data collection for a 12-month pilot study for the Zambia home fortification with micronutrient powders (MNP) program through the Micronutrient Project in partnership with UNICEF, the Ministry Health Irish Aid. Martina led the team data collectors in the field, together collected data for over 600 children aged 6-11 months their mothers. She was instrumental in drafting a training manual that will guide health workers community volunteers in training mothers on Infant Young Child Feeding, Child Development, appropriate MNP usage, as well as the monitoring plan. Martina is currently employed as a Technical Advisor for the Micronutrient Project.

Kristina Michaux, MSc

Kristina Michaux is a Senior Technical Advisor for the Micronutrient Project. Based at UBC, she is also pursing graduate research on determining the effect of Home Fortification with Micronutrient Powders (MNP) on anaemia, growth, and diarrhea prevalence among young children aged 6-23 months in rural Rwanda. Kristina has contributed extensively to Micronutrient Projects in Rwanda, Lao PDR, Cameroon, Uganda, Sierra Leone and beyond. Specifically, she provides technical input into the development of national MNP programming and is responsible for the training of the Micronutrient Project’s field teams, including the research assistants, data collectors and field supervisors. Kristina has also provided technical assistance to organizations involved in large-scale nutrition interventions such as World Relief, Concern Worldwide and Helen Keller International. She has extensive experience in technical report writing, coordinating field logistics, and data management including survey design, data entry and analyses.

Farah Ali

Bio coming soon!

Kathy Ho, RD

Kathy Ho is a research associate and Dietetics alumna of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. She is also a UNICEF nutrition consultant and a practicing clinical dietician at St. Paul’s Hospital. She has worked in the field of nutrigenomics, micronutrient research, food security research, and nutrition education, training and programming, locally and abroad. Her skills also include nutrition advocacy work at the national level, grant writing, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based nutrition programs. Her areas of interest include nutrition assessment and counselling; dietary prevention and management of chronic disease; HIV/AIDS nutrition; food and nutrition security; perinatal and maternal health; infant and young child feeding; micronutrients; and home fortification.

Zachary Daly, BSc

Zachary is a graduate student in the Integrated Studies in Land and Food Systems program at UBC. His Master’s research is focused on the interconnections between agricultural production and human nutrition in the context of the developing world, particularly micronutrient deficiency in the children of subsistence farmers. He is specifically looking at the efficacy of cash transfers and micronutrient powders in alleviating iron deficiency and stunting in children in Northern Zambia.

Nick Pons

Nick Pons is a Vancouver based graphic designer with 6+ years of multi-disciplinary design experience. He has worked alongside the MNP team in the branding of the Micronutrient Project, and has designed tools and the MNP sachets for the MNP projects in Cambodia, Uganda, Lao PDR, Zambia and Mozambique. Nick strives to create work that communicates unique ideas with functional and solid execution. His specialties include branding, illustration, advertising, print, environmental sign-age, web design and packaging.

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